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What makes The Kellogg Group a group?
Alanna Kellogg founded The Kellogg Group in 1996 and is the company’s sole owner and employee. When clients need additional expertise and manpower, Alanna draws upon the resources of other professional independent practitioners.

What services does The Kellogg Group provide?
The Kellogg Group provides expertise in the fields of electronic banking and technology marketing. For examples of recent client work, check out the client showcase.

How does The Kellogg Group work with advertising and public relations agencies?
The Kellogg Group often works side-by-side with a client’s agency – or any of the specialized firms often required to successfully market products and services in today’s complex environment. Other work does not require the client’s agency resources and so The Kellogg Group works independently.

What specializations does The Kellogg Group offer in technology marketing ?
Integrated marketing communications planning, hard-hitting content (for collateral, websites, direct response vehicles, press releases, white papers, sales presentations, customer newsletters, advertising copy and more) and customer-centric messaging are the three hallmarks of The Kellogg Group’s experience.

The Kellogg Group’s Alanna Kellogg is a heralded writer, including collateral, press releases, direct mail and other forms of written communication – and an eagle-eyed editor.

How are projects priced?
It depends on the project and it depends on the client. Some work is priced by the hour or the day, some by the project. Often, it’s the type of work that suggests a pricing structure. Always, it’s client preference that determines the final pricing method. Rates vary based on a project’s complexity and duration and start at $150 per hour.

How is The Kellogg Group related to Kellogg Company?
It's not! We feature Special K cereal at company breakfast meetings and think Tony the Tiger is greeeeaaaaaat but The Kellogg Group has no other association with Kellogg Company, the world’s leading producer of ready-to-eat cereals based in Battle Creek, Michigan.

How can I learn more about The Kellogg Group?
Simply contact us. Or if you’d like to receive occasional mailings that highlight industry trends, successful business practices, and more, sign up for our mailing list.